Big Hero 6 Review

Disney and Marvel Finish 2014 'Big'

Fernando Lyons

Big Hero 6 Disney's first big screen animated adaptation of a Marvel Comics franchise.  While the source material and comic's characters are relatively unknown to the general populous, they all have a certain appeal and are all likeable in their own way.  The story, which takes place in a futuristic city named San Fransokyo, focuses on the unique relationship between the main protagonist Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter), and the puffy and inflatable white robot, Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit).  Baymax, who was created by the main protagonists' older brother as a 'personal healthcare companion', quite easily steals the show.  Baymax in his awkward innocence, provides a great amount of comic relief and character to the film, drawing obvious comparisons to another popular Marvel movie character, Groot (see Guardians of the Galaxy).


The story is well portrayed and has a good balance of action scenes, drama, and touching moments.  The overall visual representation is a little more cartoony than in the source comic, but the animation is very well done, and the movie's Japanese anime-like visual style actually seems to add a little more personality to the ethically diverse characters.  The action scenes are visually spectacular and intense, and the villain in this movie has a very dark and ominous appearance.  As commonplace to Disney animated movies, there is a tragic moment that happens early on, which changes the course of everyone's destiny and drives the rest of the movie's events.  I will remain spoiler-free for this review, so I won't tell you who is involved, the context of the scene, or exactly when it will happen.  As commonplace with all Marvel movies, there is a Stan Lee cameo.  I won't tell you when or where, you just have to look and wait for it.  Also commonplace to Marvel's movies is an entertaining post-credit scene.


Big Hero 6 was a great way for the Disney/Marvel collaborative team to end a great 2014 movie season.  This movie will easily find itself in the library of Disney animated classics, and will bring a new legion of fans into the Big Hero 6 comics universe.  This movie will definitely appeal to your kids and will undoubtedly warrant a sequel.   


+ Baymax, Ethnically Diverse Characters, Good Balanced Story, Great Action Scenes, & Great Visuals

- Cliché Disney Tragedy Scene

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