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Frozen Solid?


Frozen is Disney's latest computer animated feature.  It is a comedy adventure about Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) and her quest to find her sister Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel), who fled her own kingdom of Arendell in shame, when her secret ice powers were inadvertedly revealed to her horrified people.  Along the treacherous winter path, Anna encounters Kristoff (Jonathon Groff), his sidekick (who happens to be a reindeer) Sven, and an enchanted snowman, Olaf.


As is the case with quiet a few classic Disney movies, this one starts with a tragic, tear-jerking moment.  I won't go into detail, but you will see it coming.  What I didn't see was what this movie was about.  I had the impressions from the trailers, teasers and previews, that it was about the snowman, Olaf.  Although he had key scenes and provided great comic relief, I was wrong.  This movie actually reminded me of the classic Disney princess features of the past, like "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", and "Cinderella."  Even the way the characters were drawn and animated harkens back to the classic Disney era.  From an artist's perspective, I really appreciated that.  The 3D was handled very well in this movie, as it was used to pull you into the scenes, instead of taking you on a vomit-enducing rollercoaster ride.  Maybe the 3D pulled me in too much, because at times, it was FREEZING in the theater.  Maybe the movie was actually in 4D, as the more the blizzards intensified onscreen the colder I got.  Anyway, The plot was very solid, despite a few head scrathing 'hunh?' moments.  The movie even seems to make fun of itself and other classic princess movies in one exchange with Kristoff and Anna.  I loved the overall 'love conquers all' theme of the movie.  If I had any major problem with the movie, it was the amount of singing.  I am not a fan of musicals as is, and they broke into song waaaay too much for my taste.  Even my daughter said that they should have spread the songs out more.  At one point, I actually slumped down in my seat, when they started a new song a couple of minutes after they just finished another long song.  I felt like this was a long music video used to promote sales of the movie soundtrack, instead of a feature film.  I liked this movie, but I will admit that my favorite part was the opening short, "Get a Horse", starring old school Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I won't spoil it, but I LOVED it!  It was a great use of hand drawn and animated effects.  If there is any reason to see Frozen in 3D, this short is it.  


Bottom Line: 

+ Touching movie with a good theme and solid plot.  Great use of animation and 3D.  "Get a Horse!" 

- Too much singing!  Predictable at times.  Not enough Olaf!


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