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Is Home Where the Heart Is?

Home Review

Review by Fernando Lyons


Home is an animated story about the adventures of an ostracized alien, from the overly cautious and somewhat cowardly Boov species, named Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) and the earthling he befriends named Tip (voiced by Rihanna).  The Boov have travelled from plant to planet while fleeing from the horrifying Gorg species, until the Boov leader Smek (voiced by comedy legend Steve Martin) finds Earth and determines that it is a suitable colony for the Boov.  The Boov invade earth and displace all of the human population to a colony on the continent of Australia.  Tip and her cat have been able to avoid displacement, however, Tip was separated from her mother in the process.  While on the search for her mother, Tip encounters Oh, who has inadvertently sent the Boov's location to the Gorg mothership and has become an outlaw as a result. 

Home is an entertaining movie, with good visual effects, some solid action sequences, and some touching, heart-felt moments.  The characters are likable enough, the voice actors performed admirably enough, and there were some humorous moments.  Unfortunately, the most humorous scenes were in the movie trailer.  All of my laughs were exhausted from the 'hands in the air like I just do not care' scene by time I saw the scene on the big screen.  On top of that, most mature audience members could see many of the events coming from a mile away.  The relationship between Oh and Tip evolved exactly as I expected, all of the potential twists and turns were telegraphed, and the movie had a very 'by-the-numbers' feel.  At the end of the day, the movie's title was very fitting, as I would have rather have seen this at HOME, instead of at the very costly local cinema complex.  All that being said, Home is enjoyable, and a good movie to watch with the family, but unless your kids are dying to see this one immediately, my advice is to wait for the video release to check this one out.

Bottom Line:

+ Charming, Good Family Movie

- The Funniest Scenes Are In the Trailer, Way Too Predictable

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