Minions Review


by Quiet Rabbit


Minions is a spin-off movie based off of the beloved Despicable Me series.  The story takes place years before the events of Despicable Me and its sequel, Despicable Me 2, and follows the minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stewart, as they go on a quest to find a new leader and save their tribe.  Most of the movie’s events occur before the minions met their current master, Gru, but this movie does cover the backstory of the minions’ first meeting with Gru.  

The movie starts off with a montage about all of the minions’ previous masters, and how the minions’ various blunders led to all of their masters’ unfortunate ends.  Eventually, one leader didn’t take their blunder too well, and the minions were exiled to an icy cave where the built a civilization.  Eventually, the tribe gets depressed, due to the lack of an evil leader to serve, so three minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stewart, go on a journey to find a new leader, in order to save their tribe.  Eventually, the three minions win a contest at a convention for super villains, and receive the top prize of becoming the minions of the world’s greatest super-villain, Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock).  

The movie was hilarious, and left me giggling throughout.  The visual effects in this movie are amazing, and I recommend watching it in 3D.  While the movie is good, one complaint I have is that the main villain is extremely one dimensional.  You barely know anything about Scarlett Overkill by the end of the movie.  Overall, the movie minion is great for the kids, but also entertaining enough to satisfy audiences of all ages.


Bottom Line:

+ Good Comedy & Amazing 3D Effects 

- One Dimensional Villain

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