The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water Review

Does the Second SpongeBob Movie Make Waves?

Fernando Lyons


The SpongeBob Movie:  Sponge Out of Water is the second SpongeBob movie to hit the big screen.  This time, the special effects have been improved, as CGI, stop motion, and 3D effects have been added, along with some live action scenes (featuring Antonio Banderas as Burger Beard).  I can honestly say that this movie utilized the 3D effects as well as any movie I have seen.  The hand drawn scenes popped off the screen, and the subtle effects, such as floating sea particles, really helps pull viewers into the underwater world of Bikini Bottom like never before.

The plot of this movie is similar to the plot of many of the regular SpongeBob SquarePants television episodes.  The evil Plankton has devised a new scheme to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula from Mr. Krabbs, and the usual hilarity and chaos ensues.  While this is a simple formula, it works for this cartoon franchise.  Unlike the regular cartoon series, this movie features a threat from the (live action) surface world, and an underlying message related to the value of teamwork.

You will find the same level of nonsensical humor and sporadic events that you will see in a regular episode, so if you are a SpongeBob fan and don't mind the disorienting scene-to-scene pacing, you will be very satisfied with this movie.  If you are not a SpongeBob fan, you may still find yourself entertained, since the series has always done a good job of balancing the comedic content to appeal to a wide and diverse audience at various maturity levels.  If you hate SpongeBob, then save your money, because this movie will do nothing to change your perception of the character and series.  


+Fun, Great 3D Effects, Good Message

-Simple, Sporadic, & Disjointed 

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