powerbeats 2 wireless IN EAR HEADPHONES  Review

11/19/2015 | Fernando Lyons

 If you are a person that enjoys listening to your personal playlist, or favorite internet radio station, when running or working out, then you probably have a pair of in-ear headphones.  If so, you have probably encountered the same problems I have with wearing the headphones while working out.  At some point, its inevitable that the wire is going to get caught on on something and hank the headphones out of your ear, or worse, pull your smartphone or mp3 player our of your pocket.  This can be frustrating and can interrupt a great workout.  Since my last pair of workout headphones ran their course and wore out, I decided to upgrade.  With past frustrations in mind, I decided to pony up for a pair of wireless headphones.  I picked up the powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones.

First off, I will say that these are some of the most expensive wireless headphones on the market at $199.  At that price, you would expect exceptional sound quality, performance, durability, and fit.  As far as sound quality, this is one of the better sounding pairs of in-ear headphones.  The Beats brand is renowned for providing excellent audio performance, and these headphones are no exception.  The highs and lows are delivered with perfect clarity, and there is no audio noise to mention.  The performance of these headphones is also excellent.  As long as the Bluetooth enabled audio player is within range, users can expect a strong connection with no interference or signal drops.  The headphone controls are on the adjustable wire that connects the left and right earpieces.  Users can use the controls to take calls, adjust the volume, play and pause the track, and advance the track.  As far at the fit, the ear hooks are adjustable to fit any user's ear, and ensures that the headphones don't fly off users' ears, during an extreme workout.  The silicon ear tips can be swapped to fit various ear sizes, and the extra tips are included.  Unfortunately, many users may have a problem getting a perfect seal with any of the provided ear tips.  While I wouldn't suggest swimming with these headphones on, they are sweat and water resistant.  The battery life is decent, providing about six hours of playback between charges, so most people will only have to charge the unit once a week.  The recharge frequency could increase, if users forget to turn the unit off, since there is no auto-turn off feature when users stop playing audio through the device.  

Overall, these are a very good pair of headphones, that perform as expected.  At $199, I cannot say that the price tag is completely warranted.  I think that they should cost at least $50 less, but I am sure that marketing, branding, and other costs are passed on to the consumer for these headphones.  That being said, I am not disappointed in my purchase.  If you are in the market for wireless headphones, my recommendation is to shop around first.  You may be able to get somewhat comparable audio quality from a less expensive brand.  However, if you are looking for a sure thing, and money is not an issue, then you can't go wrong with the powerbeats2 wireless.  


Bottom Line:

+Great Sound, Easy to Connect, Consistent Wireless Performance, Stylish, Adjustable, Decent Battery Life, Sweat and Water Resistant                              

-Very Expensive, No Auto-Shutoff, May Not Provide a Tight Seal for all Ears  

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