Forza Horizon 2 Review

Open World Racing

Fernando & Darius Lyons


Forza Horizon 2, for the XBox One, is an open world racing game.  This means that players are free to explore a larger world, instead of being limited to paved roads, during racing events.  The game, which is set somewhere along the borders of Southern France and Northern Italy, allows players to drive through more diverse and expansive environments than in its predecessor, Forza Horizon for the Xbox 360. 


Forza Horizon 2 is one of the best looking driving simulators available on a console.  Each of the over 200 vehicles (from SUV's to exotic sports cars), along with each environment (from dense fields to shipyards), is represented with great graphical detail.  There is an adequate level of car upgrades and customization, as players can fine tune and add some pretty creative color combinations to their vehicles of choice.  Good sound and environmental effects (especially the rain) help pull players into the driving experience.  Like other entries in the Forza series, the driving mechanics and controls in Forza Horizon 2 are tight and precise.  Players can gain much coveted skill points, by participating in up to 700 special events, which offer great variety, and are both fun and challenging.  The new 'Anna' voice assistant can be used to get general advice, begin challenges, and perform a few other basic tasks.  The voice command features uses Kinect and can be accessed by simply saying "Anna."  The only gripe we really have with the game is that the environments are not 100 percent interactive.  You can go barreling through some objects, while some other smaller objects may stop your vehicle in its tracks and cause major damage.  We also experienced an unusual glitch on a couple of occasions, where our vehicle actually got stuck in the map.  Minor gripes aside, this is a quality driving game.  If you like driving games, then you can't go wrong with Forza Horizon 2.


Bottom Line:

+ Beautiful Graphics, Great Sound & Effects, Good Driving Mechanics, Fun Challenges and Events, Large Open World Maps, Anna Voice Assistant, & Huge Car Catalog

- Background is not 100% Interative

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