Splatoon Review


 by Kiara Lyons


Splatoon for the Nintendo Wii U is a strange game where you play as Squid/Kid hybrids called Inklings. The Inkings are armed with ink guns, and the gameplay consists of your character shooting the ground and covering your surroundings in an all out turf war!  Let me start off with a warning, Splatoon is EXTREMELY addictive!  After I started playing, I was unable to stop!  And this is because of a few reasons.  The multiplayer is extremely intense, and I always had fun, even if I lost.  While the multiplayer was extremely fun, the single player campaign was a memorable part of the gameplay as well.  In single player, you go through a strange world under the sewer called Octo Valley, where you go around fighting the Inkling’s natural enemies the Octarians who have stolen Inkopolis’ main power source, the Great Zapfish.  In this adventure to recover the Zapfish, you Parkour through the levels using mechanics like Ink Sponges, Geysers, Invisible paths and more!

Splatoon is a very beautiful game.  Between the colorful ink, and the stylish Inklings, there’s a lot of eye candy to go around.  The overall personality of this game is just as colorful as the visuals.  I find myself going around talking to non-playable characters (NPC's), because I actually want to, which is impressive, as there are not many games where I actually enjoy taking time to talk to NPC’s.  While the game is amazing there is one huge con, the game isn’t finished.  The full version doesn’t actually come out until August of this year.  Overall, Splatoon is a very well designed game, and while you won't get the full experience until August, I recommend checking it out.

Bottom Line:

+Extremely Addicting, Fun and Intense Multiplayer, Fun and Interesting Campaign, Beautiful Aesthetics, Smooth Gameplay, Amazing Personality, Solid Online Performance 

- Unfinished Product

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