Project Scheduling

  • All projects are scheduled based on our workload at the time at the time of the request.  We cannot guarantee immediate turnaround of all new projects. After assessing the workload of a new potential project, we will either provide a proposal or a simple quote that will provide details related to our commencement/completion date and pricing.  For applicable projects, deposits must be paid within the specified timeframe in order for us to keep the proposed schedule.  The Agreement for Graphic Design Services must be completed and submitted for any graphic design projects costing over $150.


  • Rush order requests will be accepted or rejected, based on workload at the time of the request.  Additional fees, up to 50% of the item cost, will be applied for any accepted rush order request.


  • For applicable graphic design projects, we will provide previews or concept images of any 'work in progress' project for approval and feedback.  Once a design is approved, we will complete the project based on the approved design.  After the design is approved, any major modification requests will incur additional fees and delay is completion schedule. 


  • Up to three free drafts or revisions will be provided for graphic design projects.  A 20% fee will be applied for each revision request after the third revision. 


  • A cancellation fee of 30% will be charged for orders cancelled prior to the completion deadline. 


  • Based on the requirements of a particular project, we will ask for information, files, etc. to be provided within a particular timeframe. If these items are not provided within the specified timeframe it will cause a delay in completion time.  The shipping address for physical items will be provided when the request for services is received. 


  • We will only provide all Custom Artwork and Logo projects in a digital format as email attachments or on a digital storage device, unless otherwise specified.  The customer's desired format of reception should be stated when making the initial order.  Customers will incur additional production and shipping costs if physical copies of the artwork is requested.    


  • Audio and video media (DVD's, CD's, VHS tapes, etc.), photographs, and other physical items that need to be sent to us for a project can be sent to the location we specify.  Please contact us when the items are shipped to us, so that we can look out for it.  Provide the tracking number and any other applicable details if available.  Ensure that all shipped items are packaged appropriately to prevent damage in transit.  We will not incur shipping costs associated with items being sent to our facility.  Nor will we incur costs associated with damage caused while items are in transit to our location. 


  • All physical items shipped to us will be returned within two weeks of the project completion date. 


  • All items will be returned in the condition we received them.  We will not incur costs associated with damage caused while the items are in transit from our location.


  • If items are damaged while in our possession, we will replace or provide just compensation for the item. 


  • Defective discs produced by Lyons Art & Media Productions will be replaced free of charge, however the customer will be responsible for applicable shipping charges for the replacement disc(s).   


  • A 50% deposit is to be paid upfront before work commences on any projects costing over $150.  This deposit is non-refundable, unless we are unable to commit to completing the work.  Upon completion of the work, we will invoice for the remaining balance. Payment of outstanding amount is due within 15 days of the invoice date.  Any payments not remitted by this timeframe, will incur interest as defined in the Agreement for Graphic Design Services.


  • Payment Method - We prefer electronic payments, if at all possible (PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle and any major credit card accepted).  Other prefered payment methods are money orders or certified checks. Personal checks are a last resort if the aforementioned options are not possible.


  • We prefer communication via email, text, Facebook, and Twitter, however, we do provide communication via phone (preferably for scheduled conference calls).


  • Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 6 pm - 10 pm EST and Saturday - Sunday, 10 am - 9 pm EST.  Any calls received outside of these parameters will be returned the next business day.


  • For contact information please visit our Contact Us page.